Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

Looking for a delicious lunch with a plant-based protein? Try this easy and filling chickpea (aka garbanzo bean) salad. You can use canned chickpeas but I think cooking the dried chickpeas adds a nice, firmer texture (see directions below). Either way, make the salad in advance to let the dressing marinate the peas. Serves 6 … Continue reading Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

Mushroom Soup

This lighter, cream-free version of mushroom soup nods to my Polish heritage. It's typically served on Christmas Eve for the traditional fasting of Wigilia without cream, but you can add a dollop of sour cream or coconut cream for a heartier meal. Ingredients 1/2 ounce dried mushrooms (oyster, porcini)2 large potatoes1 large carrot1 stalk celery1 … Continue reading Mushroom Soup

Rotisserie Chicken Vegetable Soup

Rotisserie chicken is a fast and delicious base for a hearty soup. This version skips the noodles or rice, but feel free to add 1-2 cups cooked just before serving. Makes 8 one-cup servings. Ingredients 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 1 medium-size (9 oz.) yellow onion, chopped (about 2 cups) 3 medium carrots, thinly sliced … Continue reading Rotisserie Chicken Vegetable Soup

Veggie Campfire Stew

This is my vegan take on the traditional Campfire Stew that typically features pork and winter vegetables. In this version, butternut squash and black beans come together in a slow cooker and the result is a satisfying, low-calorie/low-fat entrĂ©e packed with vegetables, fiber, and protein. Ingredients3 cloves garlic, chopped1 medium onion, chopped3 ribs celery, chopped3 … Continue reading Veggie Campfire Stew

Adrenal Fatigue: Real condition or medical myth?

This weekend, my husband shared an email with me that caught my interest. After returning from a few days out of town, we were both feeling a bit weary from too much food and drink and too little sleep. Oddly, I think his phone was reading our minds, when up popped an email that read…. … Continue reading Adrenal Fatigue: Real condition or medical myth?